Week Seven Blog Activity – Technical: Complete Quiz 7A and 7B

English for Journalists; Chapter 5 – Spelling

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 1.09.48 pm

Review: This question is confusing. Funnily enough, it falls under the “confusions” category in the textbook. I obviously read the question wrong, as it claims that the question asked is true. The textbook claims words are misspelled because they’re confused with a shorter one that sounds the same.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 1.09.59 pm

Review: This is where spelling aggravates me. I don’t understand how and why it was necessary when developing the english language, to change the same word when it is a plural. If lady changes to ladies, and penny to pennies, why doesn’t monkey become monkies. I know that this is english law, but I just don’t understand how it came about or why it was necessary.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 1.10.07 pm

Review: I couldn’t see anything in the textbook regarding this, so I googled it. According to The Grammar Monster, ‘principal is an official, whereas principle is a rule or code of conduct’ (2015, p.1). Going off this example, I chose B as the correct answer. However, after examining the feedback for the question, I understand the slight difference in how the question was worded and where I went wrong.

Reflection: Spelling is an area I’m confident in, and I believe that I am a good at spelling. However this quiz didn’t really have much to do with testing spelling as it did practices from the textbook. For my first attempt, I scored 07/10. I was relieved when I saw that none of these incorrect answers were to do with spelling mistakes. I believe my biggest issue is not reading the question thoroughly and understanding what it asks for.

English for Journalists; Chapter 8 – Style

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 1.52.56 pm

Review: In hindsight ‘the needs of the reader’ does make sense as the correct answer. All of the elements listed are critical for writing a well-written piece, however the readers needs may emphasise a focus point for the story.

Reflection: I am very happy with the score of this quiz. It makes me happy when I only get a few questions wrong because it makes me believe that what I’m reading is sinking in.


CQUniversity 2015, COMM11007 –  Blog Activity Week 7 – Spelling, CQUniversity, Mackay.

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Week Seven Blog Activity – Technical: Complete Quiz 7A and 7B

One thought on “Week Seven Blog Activity – Technical: Complete Quiz 7A and 7B

  1. Hi Rachel,

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog! your personality really shines through and it’s great that you’ve posted pictures up of the quiz questions that you’ve answered incorrectly, because most of mine where the same! Question 6 in the 7A quiz really threw me off! You’ve done a great job here!



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