Week Eight Blog Activity – Technical: Complete Quiz 8

English for Journalists; Chapter 9 – Words

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Review:  As indicated by Hicks (2013 p.120) “often a writer … adds a redundant word or phrase because they do not know the meaning of a particular word.” This is obvious in my case, and was an interesting concept to learn. I have always said ‘comprised of’ as I wasn’t aware that ‘of’ is redundant.

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Review: The reason why I got this question wrong is obvious; I forgot to answer it! True was going to be my choice however.

Reflection: As much as I have enjoyed these quizzes, I’m relieved to have one less thing to worry about every week. These quizzes have been effective in reinforcing the learnings from the English for Journalists textbook. These quizzes have enabled me to pinpoint areas I need to focus on.


CQUniversity 2015, COMM11007 –  Blog Activity Week 8 Quiz – Words, CQUniversity, Mackay

Hicks, J 2013, English for Journalists, 20th anniversary ed., Routledge, Oxon.


Week Eight Blog Activity – Technical: Complete Quiz 8

3 thoughts on “Week Eight Blog Activity – Technical: Complete Quiz 8

  1. Hi Rachel – Just a couple of quick comments from me about this post. In the first paragraph of your reflection section, you have used the word reinforced, but not spelled it correctly.

    In the same sentence you have ended it with “brush my skills up on” which is not correct English. You should try re-writing this sentence to remove the “up on” from the end of the sentence. Something like this would work: “…have allowed me to pinpoint areas where I need to brush up my skills.”

    Hope this helps,


    1. Hi Scott,
      I greatly appreciate your feedback on this entry. Surprisingly, the spell check did not pick up the reinforced mistake. Thank you for your suggestion regarding “brush up my skills”, I have adjusted the sentence.
      All the best for your assessments,
      Thank you, Rachel


  2. Hi Rachel,

    Just wanted to mention that I also had trouble with Question 8, as I also did not realise that using ‘of’ in ‘comprised of’ was redundant. These redundant words are interesting to learn, but sure difficult to wrap your head around hey! At least someone else seems to be on the same page as me.

    I hope that this course is helping you with that.



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