Week Seven Blog Activity – Inquiry: Review a newsletter

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Firstly, let me start by saying that this website for the Crocodile Specialist Group means serious business. I found the website easy to navigate and finding the publication and newsletter section was very straight forward.

The newsletter begins with an editorial and which pays respect to two crocodile conservationists whom have recently passed. The newsletter then proceeds to introduce a book review, provides notes on recent committee meetings and then reports on crocodile conservation in certain regions of the world.

The newsletter addresses recent news regarding a crocodile attack in Indonesia, as well as recent crocodile captures and sightings (CSG 2015). The piece concludes with a science orientated section, and finishes up providing the details of the committee of the Crocodile Specialist Group.

The distribution of this newsletter is through the Crocodile Specialist Group website via a downloadable format or subscription (incurs a subscription fee). This distribution is effective as it would not be risking incorrect or overused distribution (Ames 2015).

It is quite obvious that this organisation’s newsletters are not intended for consumption by a general audience (Whitaker, Ramsay & Smith 2012). However, they are directed at a specific target public; conservationists, scientists, persons of interest, or people who are generally interested in the group’s newsletters. These newsletters successfully address the needs and interests of target public (Ames 2015).

All of the stories and sections of the newsletter involve timeliness and allow the reader to keep up-to-date on the group, as well as gaining insight into Crocodilian (CSG 2015) news happening all around the world in a time frame that’s relevant (Ames 2015).

Committee meetings regarding the conservation and relocation of crocodiles would appeal to conservationists, whereas areas such as the science orientated sections would appeal to science journalists for it provides information regarding the habitat, reproduction, relocation and cohabitant of crocodiles and humans.

If a science journalist was to browse this piece, I believe the sections regarding relocation, initiating a breeding program and the conservation of crocodiles in protected farm lands would be of particular interest.

This is an area that would provide a human interest and currency element to a news story (Whitaker, Ramsay & Smith 2012). Currency is relevant as it will be an on-going event and human interest because even though crocodiles are not the most favoured creatures, the conservation efforts will be of interest.

This newsletter is very effective in delivering a tremendous amount of information as succinct and informative as possible. There is a lot encompassed in this newsletter, from news regarding conservation efforts, to recent headlines and news being addressed regarding crocodile attacks and sightings.

Each individual section provides great depth regarding the topic of discussion and is easy to consume. The structure of the newsletter is quite condensed and can be a little difficult to read, however the illustrations and pictures attempt to break this bulk up.

Reflection: I found this blog activity quite enjoyable. I was quite surprised by this task, as I was completely unaware that people felt so strongly about the conservation and well-being of crocodiles. I found the website and newsletter quite interesting, and was pleasantly surprised by the actions and attempts by these conservationists with everything they’re achieving. I’m also enjoying being able to relate the readings to the blog posts and blog activities as it helps to cement the readings just that little bit more.


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Whitaker, WR, Ramsey, JE & Smith, RD 2012, Media Writing: Print, Broadcast and Public Relations, 4th edition, Routledge, New York.

Week Seven Blog Activity – Inquiry: Review a newsletter

One thought on “Week Seven Blog Activity – Inquiry: Review a newsletter

  1. Hi Rachel, thought I would check out your blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts and think you will do well in this course. Your post are well set out and I couldn’t find any errors in spelling or gramma. Well done. The only thing I will mention is in relation to referencing, which I think I may have wrong as well. In your reference list for the Whitaker reference you have the first initial as R where as on my blog I have it as W. I did find something where Kate had referenced it and she had used WR, so may have to check the referencing guide on that one…


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