Week Eight Blog Activity – Inquiry: Social Media of Interest


“The Visual Bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas” –
(Pinterest 2015)

Pinterest – the one stop shop for ideas and inspiration for almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Pinterest can be a very useful tool for both personal and business use. This particular social media platform relies heavily on communication through images and does not require extensive (if any) words to accompany an image (Ames 2015).

As Whitaker, Ramsay and Smith acknowledge, (2012, p. 289) ‘know the demographic of your audience, determine what they know and what they want to know’. This particularly important aspect of writing for social media has been addressed by the creators of Pinterest and can be seen by the 35 various categories users can search through.

From a personal point of view, Pinterest can be used for a variety of different things. Brides-to-be can search for wedding ideas and gardeners can search for gardening tips and ideas. Those interested in D.I.Y can find ideas for around the home, and those interested in arts and craft can find a variety of different hobby ideas.

Pinterest is a curation device. Pinterest condenses trillions of internet pages and features the most popular snippets for users to browse under any particular topic.

In my spare time, I’m an avid gardener and enjoy spending hours in my vegetable garden. I’ve recently moved into a new house and had the job of renovating all existing garden beds – queue Pinterest. Pinterest allows me to browse gardening content from all across the internet that had been condensed and shared by people with like-minded interest. It provides me with inspiration on garden design, tips on what to plant in Spring and how to avoid insects and rodents.

From a business point of view, Pinterest can be a useful way of communicating with customers. Firstly, a business account can encourage customers to share pictures of the product being used; this can be incentivised through competitions or campaigns. This encourages consumers and the business to interact and helps to promote the business.

When customers pin and re-pin products, businesses could potentially see an increase in sales through the promotion of their products. This effectively is promotion of the product without too much output and intervention by the company.

Pinterest has a business dedicated option that allows customers to buy direct from the Pinterest website (Pinterest 2015). Pinterest has revolutionised their site to allow for businesses to set up their own account.

An example of a company that has broadened its horizons to Pinterest is Australian stationary brand Kikki.K (Sperti 2012). The company effectively promotes their products through pinning and re-pinning of their customers. This is an avenue that promotes the products without too much intervention by the company.

In conclusion, from a personal and business point of view, Pinterest is highly effective in connecting people to items of interest without the difficulty of searching the web. The sharing of content on Pinterest increases each day, and I anticipate in the not too distant future, Pinterest will be alongside Facebook as one of the most influential social media platforms of the 21st century.

Reflection: I really enjoyed this weeks blog task. Pinterest is a social media platform that interests me and admittedly I could spend hours browsing various content. I have never gave much thought into just how much a business could benefit from setting up on Pinterest, but Pinterest for Business and the article I referenced have confirmed how beneficial it can be.


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Week Eight Blog Activity – Inquiry: Social Media of Interest

5 thoughts on “Week Eight Blog Activity – Inquiry: Social Media of Interest

  1. Hey Rachel!

    Fantastic post. I think you gave some really critical into Pinterest as a social media tool. I picked up on one referencing related ‘error’ you wrote. “As Whitaker, Ramsay and Smith acknowledge…” – after Smith there should be the date of the reference so in this case “As Whitaker, Ramsay and Smith (2012) acknowledge…” Other than that, great work! Love your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lynettepope says:

    Hi again Rachel,
    I chose Pinterest for this task too and I think you’ve done a great job at summarising the site. I have never used Pinterest so it was interesting to read a review from someone who does use it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Rachel,
    I find your reflection on Pinterest very interesting. It is great how you have expressed your personal use of the website. It provides evidence of the usefulness of Pinterest and suggests ways that it can be used. Just a couple of mistakes I noticed when reading through:
    • Bride-to-be’s – the use of the apostrophe here is possessive. I think that you mean it to be plural. I believe the correct way to express this is, “Brides-to-be”.
    • this weeks blog task – the blog task belongs to this week and should have an apostrophe, ‘this week’s blog task’.
    It is great to see you reference the text book as well to further back up your findings. Keep up the great work.
    Kyla Bloxsom


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