Week Five Blog Activity – Inquiry: Find an article that has impact on you …

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The topic of shark attacks and more importantly the reaction and suggested solutions to these shark attacks is of great importance to me and something I am passionate about. This particular piece is extremely informative and attracted me through a strong lead and the well-structured presentation of facts.

The lead caught me straight away; the who, what, when, where and why are answered straight up. According to Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith (2012, pg. 23) ‘leads typically emphasise .. the who, what, when and where’. A good lead involves all crucial information in 25 words or less. I believe the journalist of this piece has included the appropriate, crucial information in the lead.

The speech used is precise, understandable and and simple; it reveals the facts without exaggerating detail. The journalist has incorporated primary sources in this piece adding to credibility, including direct quotes from Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair and Head of DPI’s shark research centre Vic Peddemors, both of whom are reliable, credible sources. These sources were selected on basis of proximity to the story. According to Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith (2012, pg. 20) ‘giving the local angle’ is crucial in delivering news about an event.

It provides background information so that the reader doesn’t have to follow links to other news releases, and incorporates interviews and quotes from important and valuable sources.

Throughout the whole piece, the journalist has done well to incorporate all crucial pieces of information relevant to the topic. There is no bias or opinion in this piece, the story has been formed around information released by the New South Wales Government. This piece allows the NSW Government to be shown in a positive light. They appear to be proactive in relation to finding a solution for the shark problem that is beneficial to both parties involved. The government is concerned with protecting the public whilst keeping the interest and safety of the sharks top priority. Furthermore, the article details what the Department of Primary Industries are doing to assist the situation.

Reflection: After reviewing multiple news websites for stories from the previous week, I found little to nothing of interest. However, I found a lot of entertainment news, sporting news and opinion pieces surrounding political debates. I wanted to write this particular blog post on the debate surrounding same-sex marriage legalisation, except there are far too many opinion pieces and not too many factual, news stories.


Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC, ‘NSW launches shark tagging, surveillance on North coast in wake of series of attacks’, 14 August, viewed on 14 August 2015, http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-08-14/nsw-launches-shark-tagging-surveillance-in-wake-of-attacks/6696392

Whitaker, WR, Ramsey, JE & Smith, RD 2012, Media Writing: Print, Broadcast and Public Relations, 4th edition, Routledge, New York.

Week Five Blog Activity – Inquiry: Find an article that has impact on you …