Week Nine Blog Activity – Practical: Review a peers storify

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For this week’s blog activity, I have decided to review the Storify of Heather Rhebein. Heather has chosen the Shalom Markets in Bundaberg as her event.

The audience for this particular piece are the locals and visitors from across the Wide-Bay and Burnett region

Because of Heather’s in depth and informative recollection of the event, the Storify provided me with plenty of information about the Shalom Markets.

There is a weekly market held at Shalom College in Bundaberg. This is an opportunity for local farmers and growers to sell their produce and encourages locals to support their local businesses. There are stalls set up by locals where they can sell their own knick-knacks and treasures. These markets host a family friendly atmosphere, with plenty of activities catering for children such as jumping castles, face-painting and pony rides.

The only thing I could think to make this story more interesting would be the addition of more photos. I think that Heather has incorporated plenty of quotes and has interviewed enough people from different demographics in order to gain a well-rounded response to the event.

The structure itself is really well set out and flows quite well. My only constructive criticism is that the pictures could be arranged better with their corresponding paragraph. For example, Heather introduces Margret Thompson the candle maker, and then features a picture of jewellery before she features a picture of Margaret’s candles. This is the only area that I’ve picked up on, I cannot fault the rest of the Storify.

I’m really impressed with the way that Heather has gone about this event. I think that all of the quotes and interviews she has included have been worked in to the story really well.

Heather has given the reader a very thorough description of the event and supported this with photographic evidence. I think that Heather has incorporated appropriate photos for the event, and my only criticism is that maybe she could’ve included more.

Really great job Heather, I hope this review helps.


Rhebein, H 2015, Shalom markets Bundaberg, Storify, viewed 16 September 2015, <https://storify.com/MW_Heather/shalom-markets-bundaberg>.

Week Nine Blog Activity – Practical: Review a peers storify

Week Three Blog Activity – Practical: Register a Storify Account

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After reviewing peer Storify accounts, I understand the basics and the required layout of a Storify. When choosing a topic for my first Storify, I searched Trendsmap and found what was current and popular in my area.

I wanted to use a create a story that incorporated the news elements explained in the textbook and study guide. The story I chose to cover incorporates controversy, proximity and novelty.

My first story is about Auburn Deputy Mayor, Salim Mehajer’s lavish wedding that was held a week ago. The wedding has caused controversy due to accusations that Mehajer misused his council status to close roads and enforce curfews for the duration of his wedding. After the event, the people of Auburn rallied against Mehajer who was forced to sit a council hearing to face these accusations.

According to the Ames (2013, pg. 2)  ‘…controversy generally causes a difference of opinions’. Mehajer’s wedding and misuse of his political status have caused a difference of opinions throughout the town of Auburn and all of Australia.

Proximity refers to news that is more important in the areas that it affects or where the news takes place (Ames 2013). This story was picked up by national Australian news due to the degree of novelty of the story and controversy involved.

Novelty incorporates the bizarre and uncommon topics of news. Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith (2012) argue that  “an unusual aspect will lift a story out of the ordinary”. This news piece contains novelty in many forms; the lavish wedding, the closure of streets for the wedding, the political position of the groom involved and the backlash that has erupted. All of these parts to the story are uncommon, different and make for a great entertainment story.

I found that this story was quite an easy one to compile. There were many news outlets that covered the wedding and the controversy afterwards surrounding Salim Mehajer. There was also no shortage of comments from the public surrounding the story.

Reflection: It took me a little while to figure out how to use Storify. I’m still getting the hang of it and just trying to place everything in the correct order. I can definitely see how useful Storify would be. The ability to compile a story with relevant information available on the internet would be incredibly useful in being able to present facts succinctly and with ease.

A Storify is almost like a news article except that it compiles a lot more than just facts or opinion. I’m hoping that my ability to use Storify improves greatly within time. I’ve become quite Twitter savvy, I found myself last week searching a hashtag (#) and was amazed by the response. From one search I was able to access the news articles and responses from people using the hashtag.


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Week Three Blog Activity – Practical: Register a Storify Account