Week Two Blog Activity – Inquiry: Review Trendsmap

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Figure 1.2 – What’s trending
Source: Trendsmap (2015)

Currently trending in my area:

#5yearsofonedirection  #labor #choppergate #abc #apmas #brisbane #auspol #bentekelfc      @billshortenmp @avfcofficial @abcnews @612brisbane @markdistef @mscott


One Direction have certainly cemented their place in the music industry in the short time they have been together. The group have taken the spotlight today as they celebrate their fifth year anniversary as a band. Twitter is exploding with the hashtag #5yearsofonedirection as 1Directioners pay homage to the group with copious amounts of fandom posts. Entertainment websites such as E!Online and Cosmopolitan have featured tweets from the group in their articles. (see below)

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Click here for link to cosmopolitan                         Click here for link to E!Online

#abc @abcnews

Another trending tag today was #abc and @abcnews regarding recent news about the closures of ABC shops nationwide and the redundancy of its employees. Due to the progression of bricks and mortar stores “going online”, stores such as the ABC are finding it increasingly difficult to compete in a world where once they held a strong foothold in the area of DVD’s, CD’s and merchandise.

The store’s are switching to online services only, resulting in the closure of over 50 stores nationwide, and a loss of 300 jobs. Reputable news outlets have been covering this story such as ABC News.

Managing Director, Mark Scott has been fielding backlash and tweeting regarding the closure of these stores and what it means for ABC employees. The Australian has been the only media that have featured Mark Scott’s tweets in their news article so far.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.26.43 pm Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.27.26 pm

The story of One Direction is an international news story. This story is relevant throughout the world and has been relayed through international media coverage. The ABC story highlights the relationship between tweets and national media. At the point of writing this blog, I have only found evidence of news websites using tweets from the Managing Director of the ABC, Mark Scott such as the ones I have mentioned. I’m unsure whether E!Online or Cosmopolitan would be classified as ‘news websites’, however both of these websites feature tweets from One Direction.

Neither of these stories have been used to promote an issue at such time. However, I believe that if One Direction were to announce a tour, these tweets would be used to promote the tour.


It became worryingly apparent to me today that I am quite out of the loop when it comes to social media. Today, I only just got a handle on what is a twitter handle (thank you urban dictionary). I find it alarming that in a changing world that becomes increasingly reliant on social media each passing day, I’m stuck in the background, completely oblivious. However, we live in a tech-savvy world where almost all our news is breaking online the instant it happens. Almost everything in our daily lives is now instant.

This task confused me a little as I was unsure how to answer “the relationship between the tweets and news stories in the local media”. I believe that I’ve addressed the questions asked in the task and provided proof.


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Week Two Blog Activity – Inquiry: Review Trendsmap