Week Four Blog Activity- Inquiry: Review the following two pieces ..

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One of the main issues with this story was that the headline and body of the piece tell different stories. The headline claims that Robert Pattinson talks with Dave O’Neil about Pattinson’s new film, The Rover. The body of the piece involves O’Neil talking primarily about Pattinson’s rise to fame and his body guard Dean, with little to no quoted conversation regarding the movie. The headline attracted me as a reader, but quickly lost me when the rest of the piece dragged on about useless information surrounding the star’s love life and body guard who was present at the time of the ‘interview’.

Talking points are essential so that the interviewed talent can consider their response to possible questions (Ames 2015). This soft news piece had no talking points; there was nothing prepared for the journalist to ask the interviewee. According to Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith (2012, pg. 141) ‘great interviews result from substantial efforts on the part of the interviewer’. This interview had no talking points, no interview questions prepared and no key messages. There was no substance to the interview.

Unfortunately, the piece was uninteresting and did not develop the headline as the body progressed. All is not lost though, as this piece provides strong argument in support of talking points and planning for the event. Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith (2012, pg. 156) provide a fantastic insight into improving interviewing skills, perhaps O’Neil should pick up a copy.

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This media release is well structured and straight to the point. This piece is supported by credible evidence. It contains important news values such as proximity, impact and currency.

This piece contains the important elements that a well-written news piece should; accuracy, brevity, and clarity (Ames 2015). The key messages for this piece have been developed when writing the release.

Throughout the piece, each statement is referred back to the survey conducted by AgForce. The way the facts and survey have been incorporated into this media release present the reader with hard-hitting credible evidence. The release is precise and to the point; it doesn’t drag on or present unnecessary information.

This piece emphasises the importance of well-structured sentences and the organisation of important aspects of a piece in the correct order.


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Week Four Blog Activity- Inquiry: Review the following two pieces ..

Week Four Blog Activity – Practical: Plan your stories and prepare for ass#2

11960213_741176472674957_6069066798467296431_nThis week’s blog activity involved planning out what is required for assessment piece three. After researching and speaking to all parties concerned this week, I’ve compiled a short checklist for myself in order to be prepared for the day of the event I’ll be covering.

a. The event I will be covering is taking place at my work; Hawthorne Garage in Hawthorne, Brisbane. The event has been organised as a celebration of three years that the Hawthorne Garage has been operating.

b. The event will be held on Saturday 29 August. The event is a carpark party where a few celebrities have agreed to partake in a cook-off between each other. I will be Tweeting live from the event, covering the competition between the celebrity chef cook-off and updates of what is happening throughout the day.

c. As I will be including the names of many of the organisers and chefs of this event in my live Tweets I have sought accreditation for the event. I haven’t encountered any issues so far in gaining accreditation.

d. The main parts of the event are;

  • The cook-off between Hawthorne Garage’s own chef Nelly Lui, renowned Australian celebrity chef Matt Golinski and Brisbane Broncos player Corey Parker.
  • Live cooking demonstrations
  • A jumping castle and face painting for children
  • Beer and wine tent for the adults
  • Gourmet food tastings from the suppliers of the Hawthorne Garage.

e. I have spoken to the owner of the Hawthorne Garage, Dan Palmer, regarding accreditation and interviewing him after the event. Dan and Nelly have both agreed to let me interview them. Ames acknowledges (2015, pg. 3) “you are there to report”,  therefore I’ve selected Dan and Nelly to interview after the event as I know they’ll be too busy during the event.
(Addition 03/09 – I was not able to talk directly to Corey Parker at any stage of the event for an interview or accreditation. More justification will be in my assessment three piece). 

f. The following are the most important aspects I’ve taken from “Why you need to plan” video  provided by Kate Ames. Timing is a massive factor for this event. The event kicks off at 12 pm, and I need to be aware of time in order to capture the main parts such as the cook-offs and cooking demonstrations. I’m aware of the schedule of the day which works in with my timing of the event. I have received accreditation for the event, know the location of the event, and know many of the people attending the event.

I’m in a very fortunate position where I can cover an event that is close to me, and where I can move about the crowd, speak to attendees and event organisers whom I’ve become familiar with through my position of work at Hawthorne Garage. I look forward to live Tweeting from the event and getting to experience what it’s like to be a journalist.


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Week Four Blog Activity – Practical: Plan your stories and prepare for ass#2

Week Four Blog Activity – Technical: Complete Quiz 4 – Grammar: Problems and confusions

English for Journalists; Chapter 4 – Problems and Confusions

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Review: It’s obvious from my answer that I wasn’t too certain on an answer for this question. Quite frankly, all the options seemed ludicrous. However, I am now aware of what an absolute adjective is. An absolute adjective refers to an adjective that is absolute or less than what it is (Hicks 2013).

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Review: I found this question quite tricky. I would think that both options are correct as the action happened after another action was taken.
‘The horse was captured after it escaped ..’ It wasn’t captured any other time so technically this option makes sense.
‘The horse was captured after the attendant used her own horse ..’ It wasn’t captured before she used her horse. Perhaps I’m over thinking this question, but according to Hicks (2013 pg. 42) “after refers to later in time”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.29.53 pm

Review: This question confused me a little. I selected the most obvious answer and got it wrong.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.30.01 pm

Review: Upon reading the explanation for this question, it cleared up a lot of confusion I had regarding what the question was actually asking.

Reflection: My first attempt on this quiz resulted in a score of 6/10. I wasn’t reading the questions as thoroughly as I needed to. I need to work on correctly using time when constructing sentences. The John Blogg’s touring South Africa question tripped me up because I didn’t read all the answers correctly.

These grammar activities are quite enjoyable and are improving my speech and writing skills as each week goes by.

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Week Four Blog Activity – Technical: Complete Quiz 4 – Grammar: Problems and confusions