Week Three Blog Activity – Technical: Complete Quiz 3


English for Journalists; Chapter 3 – 10 common mistakes

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Review: This question caught me off guard. The length of the sentences and the wording of the question confused me and unfortunately I answered incorrectly.

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Review: Collective nouns are still something I’m working with. After reviewing this question I understand that the answer lies in the word “singular”. The international press is a single body, therefore the answer should have been a singular. An example would be “It’s not often that Dorothy comes around for dinner, but she is tonight.” When simplified, this question was easier to understand.

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Review: Redundant words are new and unfamiliar to me. According to Hicks (2013 p. 36) “if a bond is shared, it is held common.” Redundant words refer to words that are unnecessary, such as ‘more better’ and ‘almost just’. I’ve become aware of using redundant words after reviewing this chapter.

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Review: Deciding whether to use ‘me’ or ‘I’ is an area that remains foggy to me. However, this explanation cleared up any confusion I had.

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Review: This is an area I have a lot of issues with. I quite often use ‘the reason is due to’ in a lot of my writing and it’s a problem I need to work on. ‘Due to’ is another form of a redundant word; the sentence would make sense without the addition of due to.

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Review: Question 10 is another example of a question asking to remove redundant words. It’s apparent that I use many redundant words in my writing and speech as these sentences make sense with the redundant words added.

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Review: I’m still trying to understand collective nouns, subject, verbs etc. This is another area I need to work on.

Reflection: My score on this quiz was abysmal as I had the flu and trying to focus on my studies was impossible. There are many areas of grammar (verbs, adverbs, etc) that I need to wrap my head around and get a better understanding of. Posting such a horrible score on my blog was very daunting, however, I decided to keep with tradition.

Here are some rules that I like to remember, mostly to help me with spelling.

“I before E except after C” – thank you Jackson 5 (I have since discovered there are MANY exceptions to this rule)

“Bananas – B, A, N, A, N, A, S,” – thank you Gwen Stefani

“Beautiful – B E A UTIFUL” – thank you Bruce Almighty.

“No Q without a U” – thank you boyfriend for this addition – if anyone can come up with an exception, please share.

If anyone else who reads this would like to weigh in on their own ways to keep their grammar and spelling in check, I would love to hear them.


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Week Three Blog Activity – Technical: Complete Quiz 3